Visit COPE    About COPE Visitor Centre and how to get there

COPE Visitor Centre

If you visit beautiful Lao PDR, we invite you to come to the COPE Visitor Centre in Vientiane, where you can learn more about COPE.  There are a range of things to see and do. 


Explore the free exhibit

Take time to wander through our large free exhibit where you will learn about the UXO problem in Lao PDR and the work undertaken by COPE and the CMR to provide disability services for people affected by UXOs.  As part of the exhibition you can watch a number of excellent documentary films about UXOs and COPE.



Purchase unique gifts or make a donation

Inside the COPE Visitor Centre you will find our gift shop where you can purchase t-shirts, postcards, and other items or simply make a donation. You can also enjoy custom made ice cream and hot and cold drinks at our Karma Cafe. All money raised from the gift shop and the Karma Cafe go directly to funding COPE services.


Directions to COPE

The Centre of Medical Rehabilitation and the COPE Visitor Centre are located on Khou Vieng Road, 1km from the Talat Sao (Morning Market), and opposite Green Park Hotel.

Easy to reach by bicycle or tuk tuk. While many of the tuk tuk drivers know where we are, it is useful to write the letters COPE on a sheet of paper to show the driver. You could also borrow the COPE bicycles for free to ride back and explore the town.

We are open everyday from 9am to 6pm.



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