COPE Patients   COPE Patients

There are many people who have benefitted from COPE's ongoing efforts to provide rehabilitation sevices in Lao PDR.  On this page you will find links to stories about some of the many people whom we have worked with so that can move on with their lives.  Their stories are both heartbreaking and inspiring, representing the challenges people face and the possibilities open to them.  We hope you take some time to read these stories.  We believe that these stories provide a way of engaging with the people who matter most at COPE - our patients.

Inteung's Story

Inteung was severely injured in traffic accident, which crushed her spine and took away the mobility in her legs.  This short documentary gives a small insight into her story and the work that COPE does to help people in Lao PDR to move forward with their lives.  Thanks to Julien Vergne.



Ta's Story

Ta lives in Khammouane Province in Southern Lao PDR.  He has seven children. Ta is a victim of Unexploded Ordinance (UXO).  His story demonstrates the ongoing dangers and impact of UXO exposure in Lao PDR.  Read on...


Santar's Story

Santar is a 13 year old boy who illustrates the power of partnership. His story inspired the design of COPE Connect, our outreach programme, and whose treatment is a great example of teamwork and the need for locally based services. Read on...