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Towards quality rehabilitation services in Laos

On Monday morning 4th November 2013, the Minister of Health opened a four day conference bringing key staff from physical rehabilitation centres in Lao PDR together with international experts and facilitators.

The conference – titled “Quality Control in Prosthetics and Orthotics” – is organized by the Centre of Medical Rehabilitation (CMR) together with COPE, and will identify how to ensure the necessary quality of physical rehabilitation services for people with disabilities in Lao PDR.

 “It has been almost 18 years that NGOs, especially COPE, helped the prosthetics and orthotics project in the whole country by supporting with material and training staff,” said the Minister of Health, Associated Professor Dr Bounkong Sihavong. “Hopefully the CMR can learn more from this seminar and exchange experiences.”

The meeting is organized with the support of USAID and the ICRC-Special Fund for the Disabled. Participants include 50 people involved in rehabilitation service management across Laos, with facilitators from India and Vietnam where similar conferences took place successfully.

“We are grateful for the international support and hope this seminar will lead to a clear plan of action for how we together –CMR, COPE and international partners – can move forward and provide the best possible services for the people with disabilities in Laos,” said the CMR Director-General, Dr Khamphet Manivong.

COPE started supporting CMR activities in 1997 and has since then worked to ensure high quality prosthetic and orthotic services for people with needs and are today working through five government rehabilitation centres across the country.